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"I am really grateful for the trust my clients put in me while we work together towards their goals”

“As a person who has experienced cancer, following a balanced diet is key to contribute to my overall physical and psychological wellbeing as well as to minimise chances that my cancer comes back.

Thanks to her pragmatic and engaging approach, Antonia has made a huge contribution to make me much more aware about my lifestyle choice and of the crucial importance played by nutrition in preventing hormones imbalance which could cause my cancer to return. Antonia motivated me relentlessly to keep my weight under control and to enhance my overall well being.

I will wholeheartedly recommend Antonia.”

Robert, 51

“Extremely attentive practitioner with excellent knowledge. My quality of life has greatly improved after following Antonia's suggestions.

Working with Antonia not only resolved my perennial constipation (among other things), it was a thoroughly rewarding process.”

Francesca, 58

“I met Antonia during a very important and delicate phase of my life, my first pregnancy,

Antonia is very knowledgeable, attentive and positive.

She patiently listened and examined my particular situation, addressed my doubts and concerns and worked a unique plan to integrate foods and supplements into my diet that were both familiar and ‘doable’ for me while also beneficial for my baby. She offered me such a valuable guidance and support during pregnancy, both physically and mentally.


Through times of transitions and changes in the journey as a new mum, not having a concrete schedule, Antonia helped me to find an approach to food that fits my lifestyle, with plenty of advice and easy- to- make recipes. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trusted nutritionist!Thank you Antonia!"

Steph, 43

For over a decade I had been experiencing seemingly trivial and unrelated health niggles, poor sleep, uncontrollable mood swings and weight gain, however it was only when after months of waking up exhausted, anxious and in severe pain I was recommended to speak with Antonia. Whilst the recommendation was initially made on the basis that as a nutritionist Antonia may be able to assist me with controlling my weight, what Antonia was actually able to offer and help me with, went beyond this.

Antonia listened intently to my medical history and delicately enquired about my general wellbeing as well as lifestyle habits. Through this process, Antonia identified inflammation as my primary and underlying issue and explained that in prioritising this, it would yield benefits across other areas of concern. Antonia prepared a customised plan that included recommended dietary changes, supplements and exercises to improve my overall wellbeing and was open about the fact that this was not a "quick fix" but continued and sustained improvements would require a lifestyle change.


Whilst inspired by Antonia’s holistic approach and highly personalised plan, I was amazed at how quickly I noticed significant improvements. Soon after implementing the dietary guidelines, the daily aches and pains began to disappear, my mood lifted and gradually, despite the apparent calorific (yet nutritionally dense) content of the suggested foods, to my surprise, I lost weight. Throughout the process, Antonia has gently coached me in improving my eating, sleeping and daily habits, supporting me whenever I struggled and equipping me with the appropriate tools to manage my general wellbeing, whether physical, mental or emotional, with results far exceeding my expectations. I now not only feel better, stronger and more confident but informed and empowered.


Antonia has a genuine interest and natural ability in helping others, identifying the root cause of issues whether physical, mental or emotional and addressing them in a manner designed around the individual and at their pace, continuously and gently supporting the individual by proposing alternative solutions to improve their overall wellbeing and ultimately giving them back control.


I cannot recommend Antonia more highly."

Carmi, 52

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