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For 20 years, I have been working in a highly pressurised and competitive sector. I have seen first-hand how difficult it is to maintain physical, mental, emotional balance when you are in this kind of environment.


If family events increase the level of pressure it is just a matter of time:  losing control can become inevitable.


Good nutrition and creating space for supportive lifestyle habits have been essential for me.


I have been able to navigate difficult times leveraging on such an holistic approach and I continue to be fascinated to see how powerful this can be to reclaim and maintain wellbeing.


When I took the decision to persue a different direction in my life and career, I was determined to leverage on my own experience and now, as a Nutritional Therapist, I have one goal: to support you to take control of your health and optimise your wellbeing.

My Experience and Qualifications

  • College of Naturopathic Medicine - CNM
    Diploma of Nutritional Therapist

  • Member of:

    • British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine - BANT

    • Association of Naturopathic Practitioners - ANP

    • Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council - CNHN

  • AFMCP Certificate - The Institute for Funcional Medicine  (IFM)

Being trained to apply the functional medicine ​model means that I will use a system-oriented approach with my clients leveraging on a therapeutic partnership with them. The goal is to address the underlying causes of a condition and restore health and wellbeing.

  • DNALIFE Certification 
    Accredited Practitioner

As a nutritional therapist passionate about prevention and risk mitigation specific DNA tests offer invaluable support for clients that are interested in going deeper. Understanding gene variations is a great tool that provides insight to identify genetic vulnerabilities and offers guidance to improve or mitigate these weaknesses using targeted diet, lifestyle and nutraceutical interventions. 


I also have a degree in Economics and Business Administration (B.Sc.) and a Master in Business Administration (MBA).

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